May 17

Now on the way to our stores in Spain!
We will confirm when they’re on our shelves!!


May 11

Numerous new lines back in our stores on a daily basis now,
Bisto gravy powder being the most requested of the last few weeks!

New cake range in store now…

May 9

Aah! The nations favourite. Bisto gravy granules have been bringing families together over home cooked meals for generations. Bisto Gravy Granules are a crowd pleaser poured over bangers and mash and perfect with a Sunday roast!

With Coffee-mate powdered coffee whitener, you make a tasty mug of velvety coffee every time – morning, noon or night. Whether it’s the first drink of the day, or you are taking a moment to relax, the rich, creamy taste of Coffee-mate Original is a great way to make every sip smoother and silkier

May 7

All your frozen favourites back in store now!!!

May 5

Vegetarian ranges back in stores now!!!

March 24

Much better news over the last 7 to 10 days as a lot more trucks that have been sitting at customs have started to clear although we still have trucks awaiting clearance that have been there since January!

In the last 14 days we have taken delivery of 55 trucks at our Benissa warehouse with another 25 due next week. To put that into context we took delivery of 10 trucks in the whole of February!

Our freezers are now pretty much back to normal which is great news!!
We are confident you can now do a freezer shop!!

Deliveries are arriving into store on a daily basis with a wide range of products. We are confident that if you walked into one of our stores this weekend in Mainland Spain you would see a massive difference to a month ago and there will be improvements daily now as we deliver more range rather than just duplication of product.

Chilled is proving to be the most difficult to fix due to the shelf life of the product. In terms of long-life categories such as bacon, cheese, and yoghurts they are a lot easier to fix and you will see plenty of stock in our stores now. The issue we have is with the short life categories such as pies and cooked meats. We have added range from Ireland to help with availability but we know our customers are still wanting pork pies etc so we are working away trying to fix where we can.

Most common

We get several questions on our Facebook pages, so we thought we had put the most common on here and try to give you a definitive answer.

Yes, we most certainly will. We have learnt a lot over the last few months and are learning by the day about processes, legislation (more legislation will be in place on the 21st April). We are also looking at ways of getting stock to our stores a lot quicker. Iceland have agreed to open a depot in Ireland which will make things a lot easier for us going forward, a lot of their products are produced outside the UK so suppliers will deliver direct to Ireland which then takes away all the processes and legislation brought about by Brexit. They will also send any stock from Great Britain to their depot in Ireland (they need to service their stores in Ireland anyway, so it is of double benefit to them). We are also building a new warehouse at our head office in Benissa which will allow us to hold more stock of high turnover lines.

There is currently two issues with getting pet food to our stores, the first being sending from Great Britain as become complicated, you now need vet certificates for all meat content. So why don’t we get it from Ireland? Believe it or not there is currently a shortage of pet food in Ireland for two reasons, the number of owners of dogs and cats has gone up by a third during lockdown on top of this the biggest manufacturer of pet food in Ireland has had a massive coronavirus outbreak over the last number of weeks meaning they are only operating two shifts a week, this has therefore meant a shortage in Ireland and Great Britain.

The shelf life of all pies and slices not just pork pies are very short dated. Pre Brexit we could get them to store within 3 days, this is no longer possible due to queues and checks at customs. They would actually get to store out of date! We are currently working with Vale of Mowbray (the producers of pork pies) to find a solution. One fix maybe to freeze them then defrost at store, this is something they are currently testing to see if this is feasible. In the meantime, our frozen pie range is back in store which includes pork pies.

We are trying our best to get the full range back in to our stores, our priority is to get the highest turnover lines in and once we think we have done this we will work on the rest of the range whether it be flavoured water, free from, decaf teabags etc. Our aim is to get a range which caters for everyone and we are confident we will do this in the next few weeks so please bear with us.

Believe it or not Easter eggs are usually in our stores by the second week of January, that was also the aim this year so they were sent the first week of January, but they were held in Customs until their release last week!!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff over the last few months for their hard work and dedication, it really is appreciated.

Thank you once again to all our customers for their patience in these very trying times.

March 11


We have been inundated with queries over the last couple of weeks with customers asking when will we receive stock.

Well we now have some Eggcellent news!!!

Easter eggs have now arrived into our warehouse in Benissa!
The warehouse staff are now cracking on with loading onto trucks to service all our stores in Mainland Spain!
We will send further updates as stores receive stock.
The aim is to have delivered to all our stores in Mainland Spain.