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Vegetarian Friendly

You don´t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the vegetarian options now available at Overseas Supermarkets.

Why not choose Linda McCartney´s vegetarian sausages  or Quorn Sausages as part of your Full English Breakfast or even for dinner - Sausages and mash!

Linda McCartney SausagesQuorn Sausages

Maybe you want a ready made meal for when you are in a hurry, so why not try a delicious Quorn Cottage Pie or if you want to make your own Cottage Pie, you can buy Quorn Mince.

Cottage PieMince

Fancy an Italian dish tonight? Then why not try Quorn Lasagne or even a Quorn Pepperoni Pizza! Bellissimo!

Quorn Lasagne pizza bread

Whatever you choose, why not try something different tonight, maybe even incorporate a Meat Free meal once a week!

Quorn Chicken Quorn Burgers

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