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Xpel - Mosquito Repellents

XPEL Mossie Repellant Well it’s that time of year again when our beloved friend the mosquito decides to join us, and feasts on our legs and arms creating delightful bite patterns!

Have no fear as Overseas Supermarkets now have in stock Xpel Mosquito Repellent Products!

We have a wide range of repellents and bite and sting reliefs available in a wide range of solutions ranging from:

  • Xpel Roll On Mosquito repellent
  • Xpel Mosquito repellent Atomiser
  • Xpel Bite / Sting wipes
  • Xpel Mosquito Plug in & Liquid
  • And also Xpel Mosquito wrist bands!

We also have Kids Mosquito repellent – suitable for children 6 months and older. Available at all Overseas Supermarkets!
kids mossie

Hasta Luego Señor Mosquito!

no mossie

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