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So far this year (as well as our monthly SPECIAL OFFERS)

Overseas Supermarkets have offered the following AMAZING 7 Day Deals.....

SOUPHeinz Tomato Soup .... ONLY 65cents!

THICKRoberts Thick White bread .... ONLY 1.00€

KITKAT  Nestle Kit Kat / Chunky Kit Kat / Toffee Crisp .... ONLY 1.00€ per pack

GUINNESSGuinness .... ONLY 4 for 5€

PG TIPSTetley Teabags 160pk+50% .... ONLY 4.00€

ROCKYFoxs Chocolate or Caramel Rocky bars .... ONLY 65cents

What is going to be this weeks 7 Day Deal?

** Check in store NOW! **


Max 5 units per customer
Starts: Saturday 29th April 2017
Ends: Friday 5th May 2017
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