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NO BULL - Vegan Range!

Veganism is taking the world by storm. More than a quarter or all UK evening meals are now meat-free, with more and more consumers choosing to reduce or limit the animal products they buy.

After the incredible success of Iceland’s ‘bleeding’ No Bull burger earlier this year, Head Chef Neil Nugent ‘knew [Iceland] had to create a full vegan range’.

The resultant collection of vegan frozen food incorporates ingredients like tofu and wheat-based protein.

It aims to demonstrate how tasty and diverse vegan food can be, while also providing the convenience of ready meals.

The range has been designed to allow customers to cook like they would with meat, and to cater to those who want to eat more plant-based food without sacrificing taste or texture. Substitutes for beef, chicken and pork have all been replicated with ‘No Bull’, ‘No Chick’ and ‘No Porkies’ products. *

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