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To barbecue or not to barbecue, that is the question!


Top BBQ tips and ideas to kick start your BBQ Season......


When the sun comes out, our thoughts often turn towards barbecues. It brings the family together, whether you invite more people over or not. It can take a bit of practice to find out what works for you, but here are a few tips and recipes to help you enjoy outdoor eating.


Veggie burgers

Barbecues don't have to be all about meat. Again, you can easily buy a few veggie burgers or sausages, why not try Linda Mccartney Quarter Pounders or a Quorn Hearty sausages?


Safe BBQs Cook safely!

Being organised is key. Load up a big tray with everything you think you might need and pick the spot for the barbecue carefully.


Tandoori marinade for chicken or fish

Marinades are really helpful when you're barbecuing meat or fish as they give extra flavour and keep the meat moist.


Click here for a tandoori recipe


Salads and Coleslaws

It's always a good idea to have a salad or two on hand for variety. They might also stop your guests from getting too hungry if the barbecue isn't heating up quickly enough.

Choose from Iceland Coleslaw, Iceland Cheese Coleslaw or even our Iceland Reduced Fat Coleslaw!



A tasty alternative that's easy to cook and eat. Why not try our Iceland Lamb Kofta Kebabs, Iceland Chicken Satay Kebabs or for a spanish feel to your BBQ Iceland Chicken & Chorizo Kebabs.


The great thing about BBQ´s is that you can cook whatever you want, experiment and have fun!


Happy barbecuing!



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