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Bonus Card FAQ´s

What is a Bonus Card?

The Bonus Card gives you exclusive entry into our fantastic monthly prize draw.

How does it work?

Unlike other store loyalty cards there are no points to collect- We scan your card at the checkout every time you shop and you’ll automatically be entered into the monthly prize draw to win 50€.

How can I apply for a Bonus Card?

It’s easy. Just pop into your local Overseas Supermarket store* and complete a Bonus Card registration form. Hand it in at the checkout and the cashier will activate your card for you.
* not currently available in Ibiza

What happens if I forget to use my Bonus Card on my shopping trip?

Your Bonus Card must be scanned at the time of purchase.

My Bonus Card has been lost/stolen, what should I do?

If you have lost your Bonus Card or if you have had it stolen you will need to re-register. The next time you are in store please advise a member of staff and complete another registration form; you can start using the new card straight away. We will then arrange for the history of the old card to be added to the new card. 


Can I use my UK Iceland Bonus Card in Spain?

Unfortunately you will not be able to use your UK Bonus Card with our Overseas Supermarket stores, as we are a different Company.



If you have any more questions please email us via the "Contact Us" page or click on the following link:




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