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Waitrose Range in Store Now

Waitrose Products in store now I am delighted to confirm that we have introduced a Waitrose range in all of our stores

We have a good range of products recomended by Waitrose

If you want us to stock a particular product then let us know. We cant promise to get everything but we are happy to look at suggestions from our customers.

I hope you enjoy the range.

Garry Richardson


Products include but not limited to:

Waitrose Biscuits For Cheese 300g

Waitrose Shortbread Fingers 200g

Waitrose Essential Wild Red Salmon 213g

Waitrose Essential Grapefruit Segments Syrup 539g

Waitrose Essential Porridge Oats 500g

Waitrose Essential Cornflakes 500g

Waitrose Mint Imperials 225g

Waitrose Wine Gums 225g

Waitrose Half Fat Cooking Sauce Korma 350g

Waitrose Trifle Sponges 8pk

Waitrose Essential Coconut Milk 400ml

Waitrose Essential Strong Bread Flour White 1.5kg

Waitrose Meringue Nests 8pk

Waitrose Essential Jam Strawberry 454g

Waitrose Peanut Butter Smooth 340g

Waitrose Love Life Soup Beef & Vegetable 400g

Waitrose Love Life Cup Soup Tomato & Basil 4pk

Waitrose Chutney Mango 350g

Waitrose Rice Arborio Risotto 500g

Waitrose Essential French Mustard 180g

Waitrose Essential Tartare Sauce 290g

Waitrose Cloudy Lemonade 2Ltr

Waitrose Cream Soda 2ltr

Waitrose Juice Pink Grapefruit

Waitrose Soup Tomato & Basil 400g

Waitrose FT Assam Tea Bags 50s

Waitrose Gold Tea Bags 80s

Waitrose 10 Coffee Filters Italian 75g

Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Dark 200g

Waitrose Coffee Beans Italian 227g

Waitrose Love Life Walnuts 150g

Waitrose Essential Crisps Salt & Malt Vinegar 6pk

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